The Secret of Self-Paced Living

The best way to live your life without pressure!

Hello there!

It’s a pleasure to write to you today. Happy new month and congratulations on getting into the second quarter of the year 2022.

For some time now I’ve been dwelling on the term, Self-paced living, and after scribbling a thing or two in my journal, I have decided to share my thoughts with you too.

First, what does Self-pace mean?

Self-pace means on your own terms and nobody’s terms.

If you’re very conversant with surfing the internet you must have come across the words “self-paced learning”, this is;

  • Learning at your own pace
  • Learning at your own speed, without pressure from anyone else

Self-pace is often used in conversations associated with learning but my thoughts these days are; HOW ABOUT WE BRING SELF-PACE INTO THE WAY WE LIVE OUR LIFE?

Here are some of the things that self-paced living implies:

  • No matter how long it takes for you to go through with your plans, you’ll go through it.
  • No matter how many times you tire out and don’t feel like continuing, you’ll ALWAYS continue from where you stopped when you get your mojo back.
  • You’ll start and when you get weary, you’ll rest but when you’re fine again you’ll continue and keep at it.
  • No matter how hard it is to work on your bad attitude or your flaws, you’ll keep trying at it till you get really better at it.
  • You’ll keep finding ways to make your spirit, soul, and body happy, till the last day.

Let’s make self-paced learning a thing, I believe that with time it’ll become a very rewarding tool in our daily lives.

I hope you find this little musing of mine interesting and I hope it’ll make it to your thoughts when you lay on your bed at night thinking of different ways to make your life better.




Sharing personal development and growth tips for young adults in their twenties and early 30s.

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Jennifer E. Idoko

Jennifer E. Idoko

Sharing personal development and growth tips for young adults in their twenties and early 30s.

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