4 Steps to Help You Get Back on Track no Matter How Long You’ve Stayed Down

  • You lost money
  • You lost client(s)
  • Your career hasn’t started yet even though you think you’ve been trying hard
  • You lost a job
  • You lost a relationship
  • You faced a very terrible embarrassment that’s your fault
  • Or you actually messed yourself up big time by yourself
  1. It’s time to move on, say it to yourself, and mean it this time. You must have been down for a while which means you’ve sulked all you want and can, which is very important, so, MOVE ON. Tell yourself from within that you’re ready to move on and mean it from the depth of your heart and every fiber in your bone, this time.
  2. Talk to at least 3 people in your life that you honor and respect. Doesn’t matter if it’s the same thing you keep telling each of them. Hear all they have to say to you and let it sink in deeply. Hear at the time they’re telling you, also hear when you’re back alone with yourself — i.e, replay it in your head and let it sink again.
  3. Map out a re-launch/moving-forward plan. Use a strategy that’s worked for you before when you were down or something new entirely. It’s a new dispensation for you anyways. Map this plan realistically and as simple and detailed as possible so that you can see it. For this, you must have to trust yourself and respect yourself like you’re somebody of authority that you respect so that you don’t take that plan with levity because you created it yourself.
  4. Take it one day at a time, in little bits. You may not fully launch out at once but if you continue taking the steps every day, you’ll look back one day and see that you’re actually already back on track and doing way better.




Sharing personal development and growth tips for young adults in their twenties and early 30s.

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Jennifer E. Idoko

Jennifer E. Idoko

Sharing personal development and growth tips for young adults in their twenties and early 30s.

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